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When you’re decorating a new home, re-decorating your office, or even buying someone a gift- wall art is always a sure thing to catch people’s attention. The fact is- that even the people you hate shopping for the most- would love a good wall painting or print on their walls.

Aren’t paintings expensive?

Paintings in good quality could cost you thousands of dollars, and that is if you’ll be buying them from un-known artists… And prints? Well, you could go to Ikea and get one of those prints that everybody seem to have these days. If you need something unique, original, and that doesn’t look like it was taken from Shutterstock or some other photo-stock website- you should defiantly meet Heather Roberson.

Rushing Creek in Black and White Yosemite Wall Art Print -- Fine Art landscape photography, Trees, Stream, Home Decor, HeatherRobersonPhoto

“Two of my great passions in life are travel and photography,” she says on her Etsy store’s about page… “Through my photography I strive to document my own personal experiences and to capture the incredible beauty that surrounds us at every turn. My goal is to provide an experience for the viewer as if they were there first hand. ”

Close encounters with all nature has to offer are well documented in Heather’s hands and lenses… And they are stunning! Beautiful landscape images that have been proven to make rooms look bigger, as if they had a window opening up to the middle of nature.

Egret Bird Wall Art Print -- Fine Art landscape photography, Pond, Nature, Wildlife, Sunrise, California, Home Decor, HeatherRobersonPhoto

Connecting with nature

Heather was hiking her way to the best photos you’ll ever see… Sharing with everyone the joy of nature and the physical connection we could all have with it- once stepping out of the city and into the wild.
her life has brought her to Paris, France, where she lived for two years. This was where she studied photography in a formal way- improving her natural instincts and learning new techniques.

Joshua Tree Sunset Wall Art Cactus Print -- Fine Art landscape photography, California, Flower, Home Decor, HeatherRobersonPhoto

Who wouldn’t want their learning to be all about capturing the corners of Paris in black and white photos? Heather did. She used this amazing opportunity to not only live in Paris- but to travel all of Europe- filming her journey.

Joshua Tree Sunset Wall Art Cactus Print -- Fine Art landscape photography, California, Flower, Home Decor, HeatherRobersonPhoto

Heather, now living beautiful Sonoma County, California, opened an Etsy store to sell her art. Her photos are sold as prints in a large variety of sizes and formats, and are shipped- worldwide. All of the amazing photos you’ve seen in this post so far- are her’s, and are available in her Etsy store: HeatherRobersonPhoto.

heather roberson photographer Photography is a powerful medium and my choice for creative expression. It has the amazing ability to convey emotion and feeling to the viewer. It can transport someone to a time and place as if they had been there themselves. I can take my love for nature and put that in an image to share with the world.

– Heather Roberson.

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