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In our days everyone is doing it DIY style.
While some people still go to stores and buy decorations- most people like to make them at home, using files and various graphics for the job. It might cost a few dollars extra- but that’s our way of making sure what the celebration we have, the final result we aim for – will be perfect and unique.

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All of the printable merchandise like t-shirts, banners, signs, mugs and more- can be purchased either printed already- or as a blank sheet of paper awaiting the art to be applied on it. If you’re the DIY type and want your lives to be filled with unique items and personal style- visit SVGoriginaldesigns Etsy store!

This unique piece of code on Etsy is the home of Maarci’s graphical creations, with 4th of July graphics, Disney princesses, Birthday creatives and even Silhouette files- for the black comics look. Imagine all the possibilities!
Having just the right sign for your sister’s birthday, or surprising the happy couple with kids-in-love Silhouettes on t-shirt warn by the groomsmen! And that’s not the end of it!
With currently over 100 items, Maarci’s store is a place of joy- with images like these:

Maarci has over 600 sales and has maintained a 5 star rating in her store! She meets her clients’ needs immediately as the files are for Instant Download- no need to wait for a box in the mail!

So go ahead and check out this lovely Etsy store and start seeing how unique your next event could be:) Good luck Maarci- from all of us at The Women Team!

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