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An entrepreneur with awesome designing skills has just opened her new Etsy shop, MeshiCambodi, and I am excited! Meshi, the Hebrew word for silk, is the main focus here in this store…
Unlike most of online shopped items- Roni’s items are made by hand from silk, a completely eco-friendly process that is not only safe for the planet- but also creates an amazingly smooth and soft result!

Silk is known for its healing properties, all the more so when its natural, eco friendly processed. MeshiCambodi is all about that! a new Etsy shop introducing exclusive designs of hand bags,
clutch purses, wallets and necktie made of amazing vivid colors, toxic-free and natural Cambodian Silk.
The products are inspired by local women, therefore each design is named after its designer. Check out the product description to learn about the beauty of Cambodian names.
You will be thrilled to know that each product is exclusive, only one of a kind, if you purchase an item YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE who has it. Each product is made by hand with careful attention to smallest details, and like any hand made products MeshiCambodi products has its special characteristics and appeal.

Every item in Roni’s store is made to perfection with amazing attention to the smallest of details. You can see the high quality of her work when you take a look at some of the close up photos she shares of her items.

Clutch Purse Evening White

See what Roni has to say about her designs, work and shop:

Just love natural fabrics, sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. No chemicals, no toxins!! Just pure fabrics made by hand, with amazing healing energies, amazing colors and and super pleasant touch feeling 🙂

If you like Roni’s silky-style- like her page on Facebook and always have her eco-friendly creations on your feed- and see new sales and possible promotions!

Visit MeshiCambodi for details, prices, and more designs !

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