Sit Back. Enjoy A Relaxing Cup of Tea.


When was the last time you truly allowed yourself to relax?
Natural herbs have such an amazing effect on our body, and what could be more relaxing than a cup of tea made from natural ingredients?
Most tea bags in the market are industrialized, and often contain caffeine… You might think you’re drinking them to relax- when in fact they are stimulating your blood levels and deepening your addiction to coffee. What you need is a REAL tea- made from natural herbs, with no chemicals or added ingredients.
What you need is Janes Tea.

Janes Tea is an Etsy store dedicated to love of herbs and tea.
Jasmine, lemon, earl grey and various Japanese flavors and more- are all waiting for you behind this screen… So stop drinking FAKE tea, and start drinking REAL tea, by JanesTea.

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