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We all dream of traveling the world… Leaving the comfort of our homes and seeing what else is out there…

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Travel photography has always fascinated me.
On the outsides it might seem as if it’s just taking photos anywhere, and how is that different? Is the Eiffel tower different when appearing in photos taken by a local or a traveler?
Well, in my eyes… Yeah.

Travel photography is not there to capture places around the world for the National Geographic magazine… It’s there to show what someone felt in a certain place in time, sitting atop a Dublin public transport bus, what they saw with their own travel-lust eyes…. And if you’re into seeing the world from the eyes of a true traveler- you need to visit Steven Lang’s Etsy store.

Steven is the travel photographer behind “Slang Photography” Etsy shop, a place to get amazing travel prints from all over the world!
Home based in London, Canada, Steven’s photos are from… all over! With beautiful prints in various sizes from Thailand, USA, South Africa, Prague, Ireland, and more!

Visit Slang Photography on Etsy today for more!

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