Space Themed & Mermaids Colorful Kids Plates


If you want to give your child a truly colorful meal, or if you want to host a small themed event- you should definitely check out ColorfullPlates Etsy store!

I found them online searching for space themed plates, as so many kids these days are obsessed with astronomy and the possibility of one day traveling to outer-space! (However, I did see that the owner also uploaded a beautiful mermaid plate for your little mermaid girl at home!)

What I love to see on etsy, and also in this shop, is how people chose their path, and what they do outside of Etsy.

I am a communications director by day and event planner by night. I always look for new products, so if you craft anything that could make any event (from birthday-to baby shower- to wedding- to divorce party), please let me know! I would love to promote your product to my clients.

Cocoa Mermaid

(Owner of ColorfullPlates Etsy shop says in her profile…)

If you like this type of plates you should follow this store on Instagram– for a daily dose of outer-space cuteness!

As this store is still new- I’d advise favoriting it on Etsy- that way you’re always updated when new products come to light!

Visit ColorfullPlates Etsy shop for more!

Percy Astronaut Plate

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