Special Hair On Cowhide Rugs & Accessories


One of the greatest trends we have in home decor- is leather. Well, not just any kind, cowhide.
While a lot of places are working with processed leather, some of the highest quality places work only with cowhide, a unique combination of leather and natural fur, creating the softest to touch surface- with strength and lasting effects.

One of the best places to get that kind of home decor- is with Decor Hut.
Decor Hut, ship their items worldwide from Canada, and have the highest quality cowhide rugs you’ll see!
Their cowhide rugs are one of a kind each, and could be plain simple or have an interesting print on them. Their cowhides are carefully selected in Brazil and flown back to Canada for that final touch of art!

Imagine having one of these cowhide rugs in your home:

These cowhide rugs can be used also as tapestries as they would look great as a new wall art piece. However, if rugs or wall art is not your thing- Decor Hut has got something even more interesting for you… Handbags and purses- all made from cowhide.

Black And White Cowhide Handbags

Cowhide handbags and purses are great to have and wear! They are amazingly stylish, soft to the touch- and will last you many, many years. A bag- that never fails!

Here are my personal favorite cowhide bags and purses from Decor Hut:

If you like what you see hurry up to DecorHut and get it!
All designs are limited- and Christmas is right around the corner- so don’t waste any more time- just go for it!

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