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Being a photographer is something that these days- people think to be so easy. Almost every guy or girl with an iPhone think they are photographers just because they post pictures on Instagram and get likes and shares… But in fact- being a photographer is more than just holding a camera, especially when you’re photographing nature.

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Nature photography- landscape, beaches and more

When you’re photographing a friend or something in your home- you hold the controls over lighting and scenery… When you’re outdoors, photographing something huge like a mountain or a beach- you have the light set for you, by the sun, and the photo keeps moving and changing due to wind and animal life around you.
Making that shot count- that’s what a good photographer does.

One of my favorite nature photographers is Susan Taylor.
In the past several years her photos have been showcased in several exhibitions and books, and her work is highly appreciated by interior designers who want to give their clients the best possible wall art!
However, if you like her work of art- you don’t need to go all the way to California for that!
Susan has opened an Etsy store several years ago, in order to share her passion with people from all over the world! She sells canvases and prints of her original photos, with breathtaking landscapes that will fill in the blank in even the largest rooms!

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Her photos are being purchased by everyone… From private people who want to add a touch of color and nature to their home, to business owners who want her landscape and inspiration in their office, restaurant and even clinics!

A current promotion in Susan’s store is almost done- so hurry up- 15% automatic discount upon purchase- on all of the various sizes of prints and canvases she offers!

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Join over 500 satisfied customers that gave her an overall of 5 stars on Etsy
and see what your walls can look like!

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