Spiritual and Reiki Jewelry from Teruel, Spain

It will take you exactly 60 seconds in my website to realize that I love Etsy!!
The online marketplace for handmade goods is seriously my favorite place online, and in it you’ll be able to find pretty much anything!
From yoga clothing to furniture, from art for nurseries to planting kits, from makeup and skincare to chocolate cookies! But, the best thing about Etsy is not the variety… But the origin of these crafts!

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Etsy has opened our world to so many unique items we will only get to see if we explore interesting and unique corners of the world, like Romania, Poland, France and even Spain.

Coming from the city of Teruel, Spain, an Etsy shop was born- selling high quality and beautifully crafted spiritual jewelry items! That shop’s name: WorldofAngelsDemons.

Rectangular Reiki Healing Pendant for Reiki Practitioners, reiki necklace, reiki jewelry, chakra pendant

The owner of the shop, Peter Vermeeren, is a full time Reiki master, mage, Life coach, sortiarius, spiritual jewelry designer and martial artist… Making his jewelry and their design- exactly what you need if you practice Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, card reading, or simply looking for that trinket to add to your inner strength!

Here are some of my personal favorite spiritual jewelry from Peter’s shop:

With worldwide shipping- I see no reason why you shouldn’t have these pieces of good fortune and powerful energy, from this Spanish Reiki master.

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If you like what you’ve seen here you’d be happy to know that Peter and his unique spiritual jewelry are all over social media!!
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Visit WorldofAngelsDemons Etsy shop today for more!

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