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Meet Peter Vermeeren, the owner of Vecodesign Etsy store. If you’re looking for empowering jewelry- he’s your guy. A lot of stores on Etsy, and in general, are offering you the chance to purchase amazing bracelets, necklaces and rings that have “strong” stones embedded in them, stones like amethyst, moonstone, tiger’s eye and more. These stones, and so many others, hold a certain power in them… Some can be used to help you meditate, others will bring fortune and love into your life, and the whole purpose of wearing them is to have this constant reminder on you- that this is your goal- this is what you’re aiming for… Since we all know that what you send out to the world is what you’ll get.

However, what Peter is doing is a bit different.
Peter is using his Etsy store to sell Reiki empowered bracelets- that are custom made to fit the energy you’ll need in your day, week and life. Peter creates these jewelry especially for you when you order them- and he makes them while placing Reiki energy to each and every one of them- making sure that this would be a long lasting energy jewel for you to carry with you.

As well as custom made Reiki bracelets, Peter is also creating amazing Feng Shui bracelets, and both could be used as a personal item- or as a gift to a loved one.
You could purchase these unique pieces of jewelry in order to summon good energy into your life, as well as summon good health and wealth for your loved ones.

Peter is also using other healing symbols in his jewelry-art-work that are driven from different cultures such as: Celtic items, Viking symbols, Mayan or Hindu charms. Peter’s bracelets could be custom made to fit an astrological sign, and even act as protective pieces.
The images showcased in this post are only a few of what Peter can create for you, and by simply going to his Etsy store, Vecodesign, you could chat with Peter and email him what you need him to create for you… What style you like, and what kind of energy you need in those items.

Stop by Peter’s store to deeper understand how he could help you achieve your goals with protective, Reiki empowered and custom made bracelets!

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