Start Your Business With Style!


If your new business is all about beauty, women empowering and style- I have two things I want to tell you:

  1. Way to go girl!
  2. Start your business with STYLE!

It doesn’t matter if you will have an online or an offline business, if you are opening a beauty salon or a beauty blog- you’ll need to have these 5 things:

1 – A catchy name & slogan

find-a-name-for-your-style-businessThe perfect business name is one that combines what you do with who you are. It’s true, there are the names that has NOTHING to do with the product and are meant for deep branding, but most names contain a hint to what you do.

Your smart catchy name doesn’t have to be all the complicated… In fact- it should be simple, easy to write and easy to remember. When choosing the name for your new business make sure that you have a domain name available for it, in case you would want to open a website, and also check for social profiles with that name in the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more). If you want to create a website, which you probably will, you may need a hosting server like Hostiserver have ongoing customer support which you will definitely need! You are also going to need a slogan… So if your business name is a hint to what it is that you do- your slogan should explain either what you do, the services you offer or- why choose you of all people!

2 – Beauty photoshoot

It doesn’t matter if you are going to be a manicurist or a photographer- you need amazing looking photos of… YOU! Let’s be honest- people are what sells. If your business will have no face for people to identify with- it would be harder to sell it.

A professional photoshoot for your new business should include:
– Beautiful pictures of you in your working clothes, professional looking photos for your website, emails, PR submissions, etc.
– Pictures of you doing what you do! If you are a shiatsu therapist- you need pictures of you while treating a patient.
– Pictures of your working environment, your studio, office or store.
– And last but not least- pictures that would go along with different times of the year- summer related pictures, xmas photos, etc.


If you are just starting your business and working on a low budget you can try to find a great photographer that is also starting their way and offer to have a business barter, in which you both do something for each other’s business, using your skills. My professional photoshoot would be out soon and I will show you the pictures I have to promote my business… The photoshoot will be done with Photographer Tali Bakun (From Sweet Moment photography studio) in returns for building Tali a cool new website!

3 – A stylish logo

You cannot have a business without a proper logo. You can have your logo done in 4 ways:
– DIY, create your own logo with pre-made online templates and websites.
– Hire a professional graphic designer for the job (Can cost you a lot of money)
– Get someone from Fiverr to do the job for you (Different quality with each seller)
– Get an amazing stylish logo from Domani Graphics Etsy store.

Domani Graphics is one of my favourite Etsy stores, as you don’t have to wait for shipping time or to collect the package from the post office. With Domani you can browse through various logo designs, choose the one you find suitable for your business and send the store owner your details for the logo to be created to match your business. All you have to do, after choosing the perfect look for your logo, is send the designer your business’ name, tagline info and the colours your wish your logo to be in.
Here’s an example for a logo by Domani Graphics– simply click on the image to see what else this talented designer has to offer!


4 – A Facebook Fan Page

After you have the perfect logo and beautiful images of you while working- you can open the perfect Facebook fan page. Your fan page needs to send out the message of your business, have a details about section, links to your other social channels and website (it might be a good idea for you to also check out something like this website personalization software), a direct and easy way to get in touch- and a crowd! Which brings me to the next thing you’ll need…

5 – Love & support

Though we are all strong independent women- there’s nothing wrong with asking people for their love and support- especially when starting a new business. Have your friends like & share your Facebook fan page, add relevant people to it and help promote you in a local scale.
You could also get some outsider help from an IT support team such as Champions of Change who can help promote your business. They can help design and build dependable solutions that align with your business goals. If you would rather do it by yourself though and not pay, then keep on asking your friends. You can ask friends and clients to upload pictures of your work and tag you and your page- showing the world what kind of work you can do. Possibilities are endless.

Whatever you do… The Women Team wishes you all the best with your new business!

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