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I have written a lot of posts about mother-daughter shops on Etsy, but this shop has owners that share an even deeper bond than that… Cause the owners of VictoriaJewelryTM Etsy shop- are twins!

Christina and her 15 minute younger sister are the owners of this unique jewelry corner, with amazing, high quality, beautiful statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more!

Their design styles combine together to create beautiful jewelry collections, making it easier for you to find the item you need for your next big event, or everyday life.
Their bracelets, necklaces and earrings are great to have a stylish addition to your daily outfits, as well as make you look extra fancy on your wedding day or on an important event!

Gold Glass Beads Necklace - Indian Jewelry - 18th Birthday Gift - Beaded Bracelet - Autumn Bracelet

Here are some of my favorite statement jewelry made by Victoria and her sister:

Jasper Turquoise Howlite Necklace - Energy Necklace - Strength Necklace - Four Seasons Jewelry Amazonite Big Pendant Necklace - Lava Stone Necklace - Sponge Coral Jewelry - 60th Birthday Jewelry - Amethyst Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - White Purple Bracelet - Elegant Bracelet - Sea Jasper Multi Colour Necklace- Protection Necklace-Geometric Necklace-Yoga Necklace-Colourful Necklace

These twins and their jewelry collections can also be found on social media-
and by following them and liking their pages-
you’ll be the first to know of new designs and potential promotions!

You can find them on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter!


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Their current special offer includes a free bracelet
with purchases exceeding 150 USD!
Check out their Etsy shop VictoriaJewelryTM for more!

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