Stunning Handmade Porcelain Jewelry from Portugal

While for many people- porcelain is a material used in their kitchen and dining area, to some artisans- porcelain is a unique and stunning material to be used in jewelry making.
That is the case with Portuguese jewelry designer- Sofia.

earrings and necklace set porcelain earrings ceramic necklace

In her shop, SommerJewelryShop, you’ll find a unique variety of porcelain jewelry that will upgrade any look, and can used both as special-events-jewelry, or everyday accessories.

Gorgeous porcelain earrings

Hand making her own ceramic earrings, the porcelain earrings you’ll find in Sofia’s shop are exquisite!
They come in different shapes, dangle or stud, and they combine 24k gold in their making.

Unlike most porcelain jewelry that are JUST white, Sofia creates black and green porcelain as well, taking her porcelain earrings collection to a whole new level!

Unique and eye-catching porcelain necklaces

If you like Sofia’s Porcelain style, but not a fan of earrings… No sweat- she got amazing porcelain necklaces as well! Her beautiful porcelain pendants, in black porcelain or white, and also often meet gold, and together they create a one of a kind statement necklace piece- that is both minimalistic and impressive at the same time!

The artist that features the beauty of porcelain

Similar to a book or painting, a jewel can evoke a feeling, as it contains, in itself, a narrative. This story, carved by artisan hands, is immersed in love from the first moment. It is a reflection of passion, time and dedication.

This sentence was taken from Sofia’s Jewelry blog. In it she speaks about her feelings, about what drives her to create these precious items, and about her life. Her blog is filled with her newest creations and ideas, and from the quality of her images and the fashion style she’s showing- you might think that this is a fashion blog!

white porcelain jewelry set

Follow the artist & the shop

If you want to enjoy more of Sofia’s amazing porcelain creations, and have them shown on your social feeds, make sure to follow her Instagram page, and Like her Facebook page!
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Visit Sofia’s Etsy shop SommerJewelryShop
& her official Shop online today- for more!

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