SundaraArts – a Unique Jewelry Maker from Barcelona


Today I saw a store on Etsy that simply blew my mind.
It’s true Etsy holds many amazing and talented artists, selling their handmade goods to clients all over the world- but this Etsy seller from Barcelona is something different.

The Spanish jewelry maker Rosa Roselló, started creating unique jewelry back in 2010- after teaching herself how to bring to life the designs she had in her heart and mind. Humble as she is, she wrote in her Etsy bio that she is gradually progressing and improving to offer you the best of her to her shoppers… Doing so with her Etsy store: SundaraArts. It’s not that Rosa didn’t have any education what so ever, it’s actually the opposite. She studied Environmental science, only to come to the realization that what she wants from life is to create things. As simple is that. And hat she’s creating… You need to see for yourselves:

Her unique style is shouting out from every item, and her work is truly one of a kind. Combining empowering stones in her sterling silver jewelry and creating them with the perfect finish- that’s true art. I mean- have you ever seen a ring as unique as this one?

However- having these amazing jewelry at her portfolio is not the only reason why I adore this seller, it’s actually in the way she chose to showcase her works, with revealing photography that is simply mesmerizing:

Stop by SundaraArtsFacebook page for more updates and inspiration,
and if you’re ever in Barcelona make sure to stop by her studio, where you could join her workshops (Espai Sundara Joies) or simply co-work with her in her jewelry making studio!

Feel free to visit her on Instagram to find more
PERFECT pieces of jewelry like this one:

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