Super Sweet Christmas Gift ideas from Carly & Cass


Holidays are officially here, winter is here, Christmas is right around the corner- and there’s not better place for your Christmas shopping than Etsy.

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The online marketplace for handmade goods is a star this year under the tree, as more and more people choose to support small family businesses during this time of year, and purchase their Christmas gifts handmade, unique, one of a kind, and online! Of course its usually a less expensive approach to gift giving too. If you’re looking for other ways to save this year, look into energy comparison to see if you can cut back on your monthly expenditure.

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One of the best stores on Etsy, the one that shows what a family business is, is CarlyandCass. A mother-daughter store with the sweetest little gift ideas and amazing holiday spirit!

Not too long ago I blogged about Carly & Cass’s Etsy store in relation to Halloween, as their store had some amazing Halloween accessories and treats! Now- they are all cosy inside the Christmas spirit- and their Christmas gift selection is amazing!

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So… What could you get from Carly & Cass’s store for Christmas?
Here are some ideas:

Shipping their handmade crafts from South Carolina, Carly & Cass have already sold more than 560 orders, and managed to maintain a 5 star score!

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Their Holiday treats are super special and unique, and they are the perfect way to brighten up your home on this holiday season!
You’ll also be able to find so much more in Carly & Cass’s store, as they are the perfect go-to place for any gifts for women you might need to get (birthday, anniversary, valentine’s, etc.).

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Stop by their store to see more!

Remember, Christmas Shopping on Etsy-
Supports real families, Real people!

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