Swarovski Dangle Earrings By Lyn Cross Designs


Lyn Cross Designs is a fairly new Etsy store. Displaying only 6 items at the moment, this store belongd to the talented Heather, living in Plymouth, MA, United States. Shipping her goods inside the US, this woman is making every pair of earrings- only 1 time! Making sure that if you order one of her creations- you will have a truly unique piece that no woman will ever have.
If you look at her small yet gentle collection you’ll see handcrafted earring that feature beautiful Swarovski crystal shapes.
Heather’s earrings were designed to be delicate and fitting to almost any outfit. You can use them on a date, family dinner or even a simple hangout.
For the treat you’ll have to “say goodbye” to $30-$34, which is a reasonable amount to pay for one of a kind handmade jewellery pieces like Heather’s.
Have a look at my favourite items from her store:

crystal-dangle-earrings-handmade-etsy earrings-etsy-handmade copy etsy-handmade-earrings

Stop by Heather’s Etsy store, favourite and purchase if you see anything you like:)

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