Sweet Handmade Fabric Patterned Purses


If you’re looking for a small makeup bag, a nice fabric toilet bag for trips, a tampon case, or even a light-weight purse for money, keys and cellphone- you need to visit KatysSewingBoutique!

Paris Wristlet

This unique Etsy boutique is a place where Ohio girl, Katy Jones, sells her handmade fabric purses!
Made from high quality fabrics, these handmade bags are stitched to perfection- with interesting inner slots- for money, credit cards, business cards and more.

Here are some of my personal favorite bags from Katy’s shop:

The most unique thing about these items is that they are the definition of “One of a Kind”. Which each purse only existing one time- you could have a truly 100% unique toiletry or makeup bag- that no one around you will have!
I don’t know about you, but I always like having things that only I have 🙂

You could get katy’s bags for yourself, a friend, a girlfriend, mother, or anyone, really!

Want to see more unique fabrics bags?
Visit KatysSewingBoutique Etsy shop today!

Spot of tea Wrist Purse Straight to my heart Wrist Purse

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