T-Shirts & Other Fashionable Accessories by Kathryn Gasiewski


If you’re looking for a fashionable item, a tshirt with a statement, a tank-top with a witty print, or a cute mug (for yourself or as a gift)- you should really check out ThePlumDoorApparel– an Etsy store run by Kathryn Gasiewski from Pennsylvania.

The store’s designs vary from witty comments to sports remarks, from statement phrases to sentences about loving food! Meaning- it doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for- you’d be able to find a fit in Kathryn’s store.

You could also find some home decor and personal accessories items in Kathryn’s store- like this super witty tote bag:

tote bag - reusable - palm tree - grocery bag - beach bag - pool bag - vacation

Kathryn also takes custom orders, so if there’s a print you’d really like to have on a tshirt, a tank top, or on any one of her offered products- simply contact her and ask for it!

See more of Kathryn’s design in her Etsy shop

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