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A lot of shops on Etsy have this motive behind them….Crochet items, jewelry, a certain technique or style… But Tamika’s Etsy shop, Designsonadimebyme, is actually a shop for a variety of items, in different styles and for different uses, all with unique graphics on them to make them truly special and noticeable!

Tamika’s designs are focused on the areas of her life, on her life experiences… Making a lot of her items focus on Black legacy, history, BLM, etc.
You can see these designs on tshirts and hoodies in her shop, as well as other subjects like fighting cancer, or simply loving life.

On top of Tamika’s printed tshirts you’ll also find custom prints, wearing leggings with a custom word printed on them, or fashionable items with rhinestones on them.

To make this a real gift shop, and not just a clothing shop- Tamika added some interesting and uniquely designed tumblers and water bottles!

If you are looking for a different item/ different design- you can contact Tamika through the Etsy msg board and ask if she can help… She loves finding new products and making new graphic designs for her customers!

Find out more on Designsonadimebyme Etsy shop!

Fight Cancer Rhinestone Tshirt

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