Tatiana Kulagina’s Italian Silk Fascination


How can a woman NOT care about silk?
In one of my “morning-tours” around Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods and crafts, I found a sweet new boutique owned by Tatiana Kulagina. Simply named TatianakuDesign, this boutique is dedicated to Tatiana’s love for silk, and if there’s ever a thing to really love- it’s silk.

“Silk does for a body what diamonds do for a hand!”, and if you agree- than you should defiantly check out some of her amazing designs:

If you loved what you see you could use social media to follow Tatiana’s designs and store, make sure you always get the word of new designs and/or potential sales. (Facebook | Instagram).
Through social media you could see many sides to Tatiana and her talent, as she is not only “that woman that has the best silk in Italy”, but she’s also a great graphic illustrator and artists:

Visit Tatiana’s Silk store on Etsy to see more!

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