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Stunning bold Lavender purple tassel beaded earrings with Swarovski crystalsEvery now and then you see something truly unique… An accessory, a piece of jewelry that makes you think about the 90’s yet- feels completely relevant now. These items are screaming- SHOP ME, GET ME, You need me! That’s how I felt when I came into Victoria’s little boutique on Etsy.

Victoria’s little sanctuary for unique accessories is called BlissByVictoria, and it’s the place where you could get amazing handmade items from Latvia- in the click of a mouse!

Fresh to the Etsy scene, Victoria realised she loves making things with her hands when she made a headband for a theme party. Making that piece herself was necessary- since she couldn’t find something unique enough to fit. After making her own item, Victoria thought- what if there are other women out there that crave for something unique but don’t have the time of skill to make it? What if for some women making an item they like would be too time consuming, and where would they even get the materials?

There are so many occasions in our lives in which we strive to be unique and show our nature with accessories and jewelry items. A wedding is a perfect example! I mean…  Imagine wearing these earrings on your wedding day:

White tassel earrings with gold Austrian crystals and Toho beads

Now, it’s not the US with tons of DIY tutorials… At that time- making things yourself was not so popular in Latvia. So, Victoria set a time each week and throughout a year’s time she had made a small collection of unique items made by her. She frequently visited DIY magazines and fashion blogs for inspiration, and I personally think her work is right on the dot!

Here are some of my favorite items from this awesome Etsy seller:

White embellished Swarovski pearl and crystal choker Stunning bold Bright orange tassel beaded earrings with Swarovski crystals Roman Style white and purple spring bohemian headband

On top of the beautiful craft work and attention to details that is shown in Victoria’s work- I simply adore the way Victoria is sharing her work process and environment with her followers on Instagram. I mean- how cool is it when you can see the materials from which your next item was made from?

Victoria’s items are One of a Kind
So don’t waste anymore time and visit her Etsy store today!

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