The Belly Ring Trend


Back in the 90’s belly rings were a huge thing. it was your way of showing off that you’re a grownup, in the most highschool fashion. However, the belly ring is not a dead trend at all… It comes back to reappear every couple of years, and we think now- it’s totally back!

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Where to get belly rings online?

You can purchase belly rings in all sorts of online stores… If you go to Ali Express you’ll see a huge selection of cheap belly rings:

However, cheap is not always a good thing, especially when it comes to something you place within your body.. So I found this cool Etsy store selling the cutest belly rings possible! The store is called ReshArt and it ships products worldwide from Australia! Here is my favourite belly ring at this Etsy store:


So… Are you a belly ring kind of girl?

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