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With more than 12,500 sales on Etsy, and with raging 5 star review average, Stephanie Smith is one talented lady!

Turkish beaded 22k gold plated periwinkle glass seed bead tassel gold cap Afghan bohemian fringe

Stephanie is the owner and the designer behind beaded tassel co. Etsy shop- selling her handmade beaded jewelry perfection! Her beaded accessories are so popular on Etsy these days, and when you look at the variety of what she offers, and the quality of each piece- you can understand why!

Stephanie’s beaded jewelry, and other precious stone pendents, can be bought as a gift for someone you love (Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and beaded tassel co. is a great place to find an amazing Mother’s Day gift!), someone you want to spoil, or simply yourself!

Are you a jewelry designer, or working on a jewelry DIY project?
Stephanie sells the most beautiful beads, pendents, cords, etc. in her shop as well!

If you’re having a big event, like a baby shower, a wedding or even a big birthday celebration, and you want to get some beautiful gifts for your female visitors- no problem! On beaded tassel co. Etsy shop, you’ll be able to find assorted bulk packages of Stephanie’s beaded jewelry!

Like what you’ve seen so far?
Visit beaded tassel co. Etsy shop for more!

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