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In the past few years there has been a rise in the number of different styles of dog collars, and of shops selling dog accessories and wearables. Treating our friends on all fours as family members has truly been the biggest “trend” in pet-shopping industry, and I for one- am loving it!

More and more options are now available for dog owners, however, if you want to make sure you get the best personalized dog collars- you really oughta visit PupPanache Etsy shop!

special dog collar pink dog collars for small dogs

Owned by Kathleen Doherty, this shop is a celebration of colors, materials and sizes- making it the perfect place to find any color of a dog collar or leash, from fabric or leather, and made to fit your dog’s measurements. The store is a HUGE success on the Etsy kingdom, and it’s 5 star review rate is especially amazing given the fact the shop has sold over 11,000 items!

Flower Power Personalized Dog Collar, adjustable, with Custom Laser Engraved Pet ID, Perfect for Large Dog, Small Dog, Girl Dog

Kathleen is a dog-mama for 3 very lucky dogs, who are her inspiration and energy providers for her unique online craft business! In her shop you’ll be able to find the personalized collar that fits your dog, other K9 accessories, and even make a request for a custom item- if you couldn’t find exactly what you were looking for.

Here are my favorite personalized dog collars & leashes from PupPanache:

In her shop, PupPanache, Kathleen explained what inspired her to start stitching for our little family members, as well as how strongly she feels about creating high quality accessories:

I first got interested in designing dog gear when I returned from a walk and my chihuahua Ricky had a red abrasion on his leg from the adjustment buckle on his harness rubbing his leg. I immediately set to work trying to design a harness that didn’t choke him (he came from the rescue to us with a collapsed trachea) or irritate his legs.

special dog body harness no choke special lease for small dogs

As I design my items and shop around for supplies I keep a few important goals in mind. Firstly, everything has to be very comfortable for the dog. Also first is security — I don’t want my dogs (or your dogs!) to escape their collar or harness and run out in traffic! Second is style and design — I want our dogs to look good wearing their Pup Panache gear. Finally, I look for durable products that are made in the USA if at all possible.

Special edition Christmas dog collars with names:

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These special dog-accessories are the perfect Christmas gift for your pet, or a loved one with a pet in the house! However, I’d like to think that we don’t need Christmas in order to get the best dog collar or leash for our friends on four <3

Houndstooth Personalized Dog Collars, Laser Engraved Name Plate, Small Dog, Large Dog,

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Go to PupPanache Etsy shop today!

Personalized Dog Collar – Personalized Dog Collar, Fleece-Lined, Soft Cotton, Very Comfy

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