The Finest Rustic Craftsmanship in Florida


This time of year is usually surrounding us with great sales- jewelry on discount, amazing percentage taken off clothing items, and everyone is shopping for sweet accessories and gadgets. I was looking for something different. I was looking for something strong, that has character, and that would fit animals- our best friends!

That’s how I found GracewoodArtworksUSA on Etsy.

GracewoodArtworksUSA Etsy store is dedicated the wood and crafting rustic style! What drew me to this store was their amazing collection of pet products filled with amazing and unique handcrafted dog beds and food containers:

However, this store, owned by a team of crafters from Florida, has so much more to offer than just handcrafted rustic wood accessories and furniture for pets… They also have an amazing collection of rustic picture frames and handcrafted trays and wooden mirrors.

As this team has only recently opened their Etsy store, you can expect great things to be added ahead, mostly from their head-designer Al Phaneuf, a former Canadian football player.

The store has a 10% sale going on as we speak, no need for coupon codes – their discounted prices are automatically calculated when you enter their store!
However, if you see something you like- you should get it right away- as all of the products in this Etsy store are one of a kind!

Enjoy looking for the perfect RUSTIC creation!

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