The Importance Of Planning Ahead


Have you ever found yourself realising it’s Thursday and your week is passing you by without you even finishing what you had planned? It doesn’t matter if it’s the work-stuff you’re missing, or if you end up with no laundry- if you don’t have the memory of an elephant- you need to plan ahead!
Planning ahead can help you not double-book things, like having to cancel a date cause you forgot a night out with your bestie, or forgetting to go grocery shopping a day before you need to bring pie to your kid’s school.

There are so many ways that you could plan ahead.
Some women like to have a journal with them, like kids used to have in school. You could find journals online everywhere! Here are some of what I saw on Ali Express:

Other women prefer to go all digital and use their OutLook schedule while it’s synced with their mobile devices. More techy women go with an app to make everything TICK!
You can start with using Schedule Planner (By DIGI117 LTD), which is a free app that could make sure you are in-schedule with your meetings and other affairs. The app’s view is like this: (and here’s the app-store download link)


However, some women are looking for something in between. You need something written, old-fashioned, cause when you write things and look at them than you remember them better! However, not all women have space in their bags for a journal, or looking for a solution that would fit their desk or on their fridge. For that I went to ETSY. I searched for graphic stores, that will be able to provide you with a weekly planner that is fashionable and practical, and I found Urban Ephemera Paper Etsy store. The store, located in Newcastle, Australia, has an instant download feature, allowing you to get what you’ve paid for within 3 seconds, with a downloaded document that you can print and use for many weeks to come! Here’s my favourite weekly planner from their store:


Store also has a larger selection of printable products, so see more here!.

So, how do you plan your week?

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