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If you ever had a passion in life you’d must know how great it would feel to have it come true and turned from an idea into a business. People with true passion for any type of art are like.. Vibrating fingers people. And I only know that since I am a musician myself. I look at a guitar and I feel my fingers shaking… That’s how I can make good music, one that touches people and move them… And that’s how Elliot Owen makes great jewelry pieces- cause her fingers shake when she looks at beads!

Elliot Owen is the proud owner of TwinHawkRoad, an Etsy store dedicated to beadwork that ships beaded handmade earrings accross the USA, all the way from sunny California! In Elliot’s store you’d be able to find handmade and unique earrings, made from beads, with a combination that I believe is the best one for an online store:
– Great product
– Excellent prices
– A REAL person behind it- and not a retail store!

Here are some items from her store that I personally found to be awesome:

Here’s what Elliot had to say about launching her Etsy store:

I’ve been working really hard to get an Etsy shop created for my newfound love – beadwork. My fingers are charged with a knack for it and I want to share this gift. Also, side hustles are my thing and I could really use some extra dollars to help support me while – second announcement – I work on getting my EMT certification!

Visit her Etsy store to see more of her unique designs!
Good luck Elliot- from all of us at The Women Team!

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