The Merry Magpie Vintage Etsy Store


If you are into vintage, you are going to love this Etsy store I just found!

The Merry Magpie

Selling all vintage house decoration items and jewellery, the Merry Magpie Vintage etsy store is truly unique. Based in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, this etsy store ships worldwide, thus sharing the love for vintage and one-of-a-kind items. The Merry Magpie is owned by 2 collectors, a husband and a wife, and it’s one of the coolest family businesses there is. As they are always locating new items from all over the world, the Merry Magpie Vintage store has specials from time to time, in order to clear space for more products in their home and storage.

If you like vintage and unique rugs- this is your lucky day- cause they are on sale!


Here are some of my favourite items in their etsy store:

The Lucky Necklace

A vintage sixpence lucky charm necklace, truly unique and special:


The Shining Star

An amazing handcrafted star shaped decor made by Amish farmers in Lancaster County, PA and made out of old salvaged corrugated roofs:


Vintage Stool

Perfect for placing your feet after a long day, or as an independent sitting area:


And my favourite- the brass collection!

A collection of 4 vintage pieces a brass basket, a brass turtle box, a brass Welsh Lady and a brass squirrel!


Unlike most vintage stores, prices at the Merry Magpie are defiantly affordable. (Last set is less than $12!)

Since the inventory in their store is always changing, you can keep track and see more new and amazing items at their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

If you can’t find anything you fancy you can check out their website or contact the sellers and they will do their best to locate what you are looking for! Isn’t that awesome?

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