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People from western cultures were always fascinated by the oriental. They loved the styles of the Egyptians, the colors of India and the amazing qualities of handmade items in the far East.
About 2 decades back getting a real piece of furniture or accessory from a far and exotic land wasn’t that easy. In fact- you’d have to go there yourself in order to get something. But lucky for us- that’s not the case in our lifetime.

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The rising of the online shopping field has opened this amazing opportunity:
For us- to get amazing goods from far ends of the earth, and for the vendors- to enjoy and spread into a new market. One that can truly see how unique their creations are.

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The uprising trend in home-design and backyard designs is the Moroccan look and feel. String colors, flowing fabrics, the feeling of the oriental everywhere! And that trend is now accessible via Etsy- the online marketplace for handmade goods- hosting sellers from all ends of the earth!

One of these sellers is Chafik Interiors, from Marrakesh, Morocco.
With over 1400 sales in his store- Moroccan Tribal– this seller is truly an artist!

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His handwoven rugs are inspiration, and with a lot of vintage items- you can defiantly create that dreamy Moroccan spot in your home- for the best hosting experience your guests will never forget!

With almost 700 items-
This is one Etsy store you can’t miss!

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