The One-Product-At-A-Time Store- Now Targeting Music Lovers !


There are different reasons why people open Etsy shops, or stores in general, and it’s those reasons that make the store and determine what it will be selling.
While most people on Etsy take their crafting talent, focus it on a field, and get on with the show… Some sellers do things differently.
So, instead of selling what you’re making, some Etsy sellers choose to find something they thing would be NEW to potential clients and would be special… And then they make it!

The official words for that are…

Inspired by Make In India and Startup India. We are a very young startup focused on Manufacturing and Marketing Innovative and creative products that should make a positive difference in your life.

Taken from our best example for this case- Pengu Store on Etsy. PenguStore is currently dedicated to a beautiful guitar- shelf.
That’s not a shelf that can hold a guitar… NOPE.
It’s so much cooler than that- a shelf made from a guitar- the perfect house decorative for music and guitar lovers!

So go on and visit Pengu Store- see how amazing these guitar shelves look up close, and find out more about purchasing options!
As this team is only getting started- I’d recommend Liking them on Facebook and that way- making sure you’re always in the loop with new and creative items!

Have an ARTISTIC day <3 

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