The Owl Trend


It’s seems like wherever you may turn you will see… An owl! It could be on a necklace, on a bracelet, as a bag, on a pillow, even engraved on a wooden iphone case. So, I decided to look for the best owls I could find on Etsy, the most original ones, and after I shared their images with you- you’ll know why they are such a huge trend!

Handmade Owl Pillows

The first Owls I came across came from a store called Be The Original. This store ships handmade pillows from Russia- to all countries of the world. The best thing about it is that every item is one of a kind, and they are actually really cute! Found these 3 owls there:

Wooden Phone Cases

The ones I blogged about several days ago, were amazing, free shipped to the UK, and shipping with additional fee worldwide. Got some amazing cases from a store called Jesse Crystal Designs:


An Owl Printed Scarf

Looking so cool and unique, can be shipped world-wide from the United States, and will be an amazing addition to any girl or woman out there: (By: In The Bag Design)


Owl Knitted Gloves

These cute owly things come from Turkey, and are shipped world wide from an Etsy store called Reyyan Crochet:


An Owl Baby Halloween Costume

This adorable baby Halloween costume is simply the cutest thing ever! You can order it from an Etsy store called MonarchDancer and it could also be used as a winter hat for the little ones! Shipping world wide from the States.


For more OWL items from Etsy- click here!

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