The Rising Trend – Geometric Jewelry (Designed by Shani Kalay)


geometric-jewelry-necklace-sideWhen it comes to fashion and jewelry there are significant trends that go with us as years go by… However, new trends are rising and emerging every year, and the latest jewelry trend is without a doubt- Unique Geometric Jewelry Pieces.

I was searching inside Etsy for the best Geometric jewelry pieces, and was surprised to find an Etsy store by an Israeli (such as me). A talented young lady by the name of Shani Kalay. Her brand is called SK JEWELRY, and her Etsy store is simply called: ShaniKalay.

In her store she sells unique, self designed and handcrafted Geometric jewelry, such as: bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings.
Though the store currently has only a little over 30 items, more and more items will be added soon- so make sure to follow this Etsy seller!

geometric-jewelry-round-earrings geometric-jewelry-necklace-gold geometric-jewelry-necklace-silver

geometric-jewelry-earrings geometric-jewelry-cuff-bracelet geometric-jewelry-bracelet-set

On Etsy, Shani’s store is fairly new, with a couple of sales in the international market… But what you don’t know is that Shani has been rocking it (hard) in the Israeli jewelry scene for sometime now, operating from her Facebook page: Shani kalay – SK Jewelry, and VIA her online store (currently in Hebrew) Shani Kalay.
Crossing over to Etsy is Shani’s way to reach more international women, looking to hit on the latest holy-land trend of Geometric jewelry.

Stop by Shani’s Etsy store for more amazing design, and enjoy a worldwide shipment straight from Shani’s studio in the wonderful city of Tel Aviv, Israel! Good luck Shani!

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