The shield of Achilles – Amazing Art by Leonidas Savvidis


Leonidas Savvidis is one talented artist that is only now starting to sell some of his unique work. His work dates back to 2006 and 2004 with two amazing paintings that show us just how much one man can focus on the little details. His 2 Round paintings, with a diameter of 96 cm, are exquisite in beauty, and a true art fan would find them irresistible.

Can you even guess the amount of work each of his paintings took him?
Well, you don’t need to.
Each of Leonidas’s paintings took him 800 hours of cautious and torturous job. You can look at the various zoom-images that he provided in his Etsy store to better understand the amount of work that was put in these art pieces. It’s one of these paintings that even if you look in with a magnifying glass you won’t be able to find any imperfections.

Hear what Leonidas had to say about his work and what inspired him:

The idea was born from the Iliad, where Homer describes the shield of Achilles. However, I thought that Homer points many things that today may look less interesting. For that reason, I designed my own synthesis.

Drop by Leonidas’ Etsy store to see more details about his amazing creations!

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