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If you’re looking for a joyous edition to your home, or for a lovely home-decor gift, Etsy is surly the place to go. Etsy’s online marketplace connects people with people, buyers from all over the world- with crafty men and women worldwide- Bringing back the true eCommerce nature of buying and selling, and it’s one of the best places to find unique art work.

I recently started searching from Etsy sellers who offer home decor items and ideas, and found Social Print Etsy store. This store, owned by Jevgenijs Kucerenko, is one of the best places to find Canvases, Posters, Decals, Wallpapers, and other artistic home decor items. The store owner comes from Latvia, and he’s a 1-man’s-show- doing all of the designs, craft work and customer service needed. With over 600 sales, and a 5-stars rating- Jevgenijs must be doing something right!

A unique style this seller has, indeed, as she creates art for children and grownups alike. With a nifty map of the world, covered with local animals to reproduction of some of the most amazing art pieces our world has ever seen (like the girl with the pearl earring)- Jevgenijs gives everyone a way to decorate their home with the art they like!

Here are some of his works, available at his store for worldwide shipping:

Audrey Hepburn Composition VIII Kandinsky Canvas Print Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer Katsushika Hokusai Fine Wind Clear Morning Canvas Print lovers canvas print Marilyn Monroe in Rose personal kids alphabet The treachery of images Wave printed canvas

Jevgenijs also holds well-maintained social accounts for his business, sharing the latest updates, creative works and sales. You would be bringing joy to your Instagram feed by following his work… Work like this one:

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You could also find news & updates in the store’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, as well as in the store itself.

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