The Sweetest Personalized Gift Shop in Kansas!


Do you know what I love most about Etsy, the online market for handmade goods?
I love the fact that so many sellers are enabling personalization of their items to each and every customer! Thousands of items that can be made with your name, your initials, your baby’s name, or even your pet’s!

One of these adorable personalized Etsy shops is Milky Lane Boutique!

Personalized Blue Benny Bear Personalized Stephen Joseph Owl Duffe Bag

The owner of Milky Lane Boutique, Ronda Meier, initially named her store Stitched & Stamped.
A lot of Etsy sellers change their shop’s name after “something” happens.
I think that what “happened” to Ronda’s store is success!
And having her business grow like that and support her family- Ronda changed the name to something closer to home, as she and her family are dairy farmers!

Vinyl Stephen Joseph Go Go Flower Backpack Diaperbag Personalized Riley Bunny Personalized Dog:Cat House Medium Brown

Ronda takes everyday items and fully personalize them for you- and with 5200+ orders on her belt- you can rest assure that the perfect gift you seek is in her store!

Check out Ronda’s Etsy shop Milky Lane Boutique
for much much more!

Personalized Daisy the Cow Lovie Blanket

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