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I have discovered3 Green Sisters Etsy store about a month ago, and had the pleasure of featuring their work on The Women Team (Read post HERE). Their work is amazing, and is well effected by their dedication and long years of work and experience, In fact- long generations of sewing experience!

From time to time, I like to stop by my favorite Etsy stores to see if they have something new to show- perhaps a new design, maybe a new product all together… And the sisters certainly have that!

Inheriting the art of seam-stressing from their mother and grandmother, these lovely sisters have spent the last 15 years creating wonderful items for everyday and special-occasions use. When I returned this time to their store I was surprised to find more than 7 new designs… While most Etsy store owners add an item or two in the same time period.
The 3 sisters added a beautiful leather collection, alongside a more affordable collection of Vinyl bags. All made from upcycled and repuposed fabrics! Here are the new designs that really caught my eye:

Leather madness:

leather bag purse etsy leather small bag purse black leather bag from etsy black and pink leather bag black and white leather bag

Affordable & gorgeous vinyl bags:

Gray Faux Leather Purse Brown and Black Ultra Suede Purse Creamy Brown Microsuede Purse Black Faux Leather Purse

As you can see from the pictures above- the 3 green sisters are constantly improving- giving you the best bags money can buy! Their bags are firm, keep their shape and always so vivid in their colors! I mean- who cannot love an Etsy store that sells leather bags that look so good, and in PINK? (My personal favorite color).  You can follow them on social media and make sure you’ll always get news of their new collections and designs:
Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

I have contacted the 3 sisters about their store and was happy to hear that they are offering a special deal with their 20% coupon code… This is your chance to save 20% off of everything in their store with coupon code YEAR2017 – so stop reading this post and go explore their bags and purses !

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