The Wings Trend


There is no escaping it- wings are officially a trend! And to be honest, why would I want to escape it? The wings trends is one of the coolest trends I have seen! After the birds trend, the skull trend and the HashTag trend, the wings are here to help you FLY:) Here are some of the best WINGY items you can find online:

Wing T-Shirts

Wing Necklaces on Etsy

For the necklaces I have found two cool Etsy stores that sell the most unique handmade jewellery, and hold amazing wing necklaces. The first one is called Botanical Bird. Shipping worldwide from the United States, this Etsy store is the perfect store for those of you who love vintage looking and stylish jewellery. The store’s necklace collection is absolutely gorgeous, and here’s a picture of my favourite one of them all:


The second store is called Beep Studio. Beep Studio is a store located in Israel that ships good worldwide. Their necklace collection is the exact opposite of the previous store mentioned, as they are specializing in making icon necklaces. Icon necklaces are perfect for women who want to have a beauty jewel on their neck, that doesn’t take much attention, but more add to the general look and feel of the outfit. Here’s my favourite winged necklace from Beep Studio:


Wing Bags

Wing Earrings

So, are you ready to add wings to your style?

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