The Wonders of Yarn- Knitted Blankets, Pillows & even Wall Art


As I constantly say here, Etsy, the handmade online shopping mall, is a great place for you to get unique hand-crafted items from all over the world… And this time- let’s visit POLAND!
A polish Etsy seller by the name of Aga is the owner behind LYAunique brand.
LYAunique is a great place to see all the beautiful things one person can make out of… YARN!

In her shop you’ll be able to find unique and one of a kind yarn products:
Beautiful baby blankets, adult blankets, pillow cases (with pillows included), unique “drop-down” yarn knots to decorate your living space, and even special traditional wall hangings that are basically a “painting” made out of yarn!

As all of the items on Aga’s store are one of a kind and only made one time- I recommend two things:
1. If you see something you like- don’t waste time and get it before someone else will!
2. If you like her general style- go to her Etsy shop and click on the heart button on top to favorite it! That way you’ll always have access to her shop’s updates and will be able to see new yarn creations as she uploads them to her store!

Visit LYAunique Etsy shop today for more!

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