The Yellow Sticker Fever & Where to Buy Yellow Stickers

I remember growing up in the 90’s, and every week as I got my allowance I’d go to a nearby print shop / photo hut and check out their latest stickers! I had special sticker notebooks to organize my stickers, and I loved collecting them and using them for arts & crafts.
In the past few years I felt that this lost trend from the 90’s is finally back- 30 years after- as more and more people are buying stickers to be used for so many things!
Stickers for your planners, scrapbooking stickers, adding stickers to plain card stock cards to make greeting cards special, and even creating sticker boards and sticker walls! With a very clear trend inside these sticker lovers- Yellow Stickers!

ghost reading a book sticker yellow stickers yellow flower sticker yellow stickers

Why yellow stickers?

It seemed odd to me, which searching Google for what stickers are trending now, to find that the most trending stickers these days are yellow stickers! I mean, why yellow stickers? why not black or blue?
But once I dove in, searching for different yellow stickers online, I realized why!
Yellow stickers are simply… FUN!
They are creative, up beat, go well with almost anything, look good on a notebook, on most laptop colors, and they are just optimistic stickers that brighten up your day!

llama sticker society6 stickers redbubble stickers yellow yellow lemon sticker

Yellow Stickers on Society6

If you don’t know Society6 – you’re in for a treat!
Society6 is an amazing website that is basically a huge warehouse of everyday items! Items like mugs, notebooks, clocks, bedsheets, and obviously- stickers!
As Society6 don’t hire ANY DESIGNERS for their products- the entire website is compiled from independent artists selling their designs on Society6’s items! That’s how you get truly creative and inspiring yellow stickers- to brighten up your journals, wall, and crafts!
A quick look through Society6’s yellow stickers collection made me write this post with my favorite yellow stickers on Society6!
See a sticker you like? Simply click on it and it will take you to that sticker on Society6, with sizing & pricing info, as well as information on the designer- and chances to see more of their work!

bicycle lemon sticker yellow stickers aesthetic stickers dino in bath tub cute sticker bull terrier sticker on yellow sticker cute cat sticker cat eyes sticker yellow european bike sticker yellow

whatever sticker cat stickers yellow stickers

See a yellow sticker you like?
Just click on it to that yellow sticker’s info & pricing!

Maya Mey Aroyo

Content writer & editor at “In advertising, not to be different is virtually suicidal” – Bill Bernbach