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Jason Bullard is a name you need to remember if you love the kind of art that makes you feel patriotic! Yes- that’s our greatest love- the love of country, of our fellow men (and women), the love and appreciation for the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for us- to live on and carry on their legacy.

Jason owns an Etsy store called NoGreaterLoveArt in which he shares his unique designs celebrating our beloved law enforcers, veterans and current army fighters. His art could be sent directly to your home in the form of a print. A unique art indeed, with heroic images and inspirational sentences. My favorite being this phrase:
“I heard a voice saying, whom shall we send? Who will protect us? Then I said, Here I am, Send Me.”
It makes me remember my army days, makes me smile.

It’s just something that we, fighters, used to say, and Jason captured it well.
He didn’t forget even one hero… He captures the EMT heroes alongside our fire-fighters, giving all of us who ever wore uniform- the respect and recognition we deserve. Stores like this one- make me proud.

Girls, pay close attention to this seller on Etsy, cause if your dad, brother or boyfriend ever had a uniform on him- there’s no greater decoration for his walls than one of Jason’s prints.

So, if you’re feeling patriotic- Visit the store’s Facebook page or follow them on Instagram for more updates about sales and new designs!
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