Things You’ll Find Out Only If You Stop Smoking


I haven’t kept my cigarette addiction a secret in this magazine. I even blogged about it here before, about my desire to stop smoking. I have stopped smoking in the past. It happened one day. I looked at the cigarette in my hand and thought about my first ever smoking experience. It was terrible. I hated every minute of it, I coughed for days. What changed my mind? What made me spend money on this thing?

I don’t really remember how I started, but I remember stopping. It was very empowering. I just took the cigarette and put it out. And didn’t bother to look at it again. For a year I was smoke free… And this is what I learned during that year:

It Wasn’t The Nail Polish Remover That Was Making My Fingernails Yellow

It was the smoking. All of that time I was covering my nails with nail polish, cause whenever I would have removed it I saw that I had this yellow shade to my nails. I have tried changing my nail polish, my nail polish remover and even the washing fluid I used to wash the dishes. But nothing helped. 3 weeks after I stopped smoking- the yellow shade was gone.

everything-tastes-better-once-you-stop-smokingCucumbers Have Taste

Yup. I mean it. And so does water. So many things started tasting a lot better and stronger. It’s as if someone was burning my tongue everyday… No, wait- it’s not like, it’s exactly that! The smoke from the cigarette can burn your taste glans and leave you- tasteless!

He Started Smelling Me More

My boyfriend at the time was a non-smoker, and though he never said a word about the terrible smell I had when I was smoking, his attitude once I stopped said it all. If before he would never lay his head on my pillow- now he loved sticking his face into it before we went to sleep. I think he even loved me more when I wasn’t smoking.

I Had A Lot More Money

If you are not “buying” the medical bonanza about smoking- here is a solid proof- not spending your money on cigarette is a 100% guarantee that you will have more money to spend on other things!

Can’t Make It On Your Own?

I know it might seem a bit extreme that I have quit smoking in one day all together. However, not everyone can stop in one day. I know a lot of friends who switched to vapes and e-cigs before quitting. If this is something that you are thinking of doing to help you quit then why don’t you check out something like this vaporizer wholesale. This will at least give you some idea of what you could get to help you stop smoking. Some of them didn’t even quit, they just switched to electronic cigarettes cause they have less tobacco than ordinary cigarettes, and plus- some of them smell really good! If vaping isn’t your thing, you might consider to buy bongs and water pipes clearance instead of a vaporizer.

I came across an online store called Pink Spot Vapors. I was thrilled to see that they not only sell the electronic cigarette, but also have so many different flavours! From tobacco flavours to food flavours, cocktail flavours and so much more! You can check out their store when you click on the image here:


So, if you are ready to stop smoking- good luck! And if you want to start with the e-cig- Good shopping!

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