This Autistic Crafter Made Me Cry.


I don’t think I have ever spoken about this before in my blog posts, but I suffer from PTSD. I have a sever combat reaction, which is why I do what I do- sit behind a computer and write.
It’s hard living in a “normal” world when you are not what the norm is. But we do it.
People with PTSD, people with anxiety, people with depression, people with Autism.

It’s hard to find a job. Mostly since we can’t really work like everyone else, and sometimes that MUST feeling you have that you have to be around people everyday- is hard. It breaks you. So for most of us we have two options: to curl into our little corner and live off of well-fair checks- or start out own business. I made that second decision 2 years ago when I opened The Women Team magazine, and Rachel did the same.

Rachel is crafty, she’s good at making these perfect little fabric bows and hair accessories, and she’s a talented jeweler as well. She owns an Etsy store called GypsyStarsRVA, where she sells her amazing items, and it makes her better.
She says her mother thinks that selling her jewelry is helping her self-esteem, and I know first hand how much that is true. I can’t even explain to a “normal” person how it feels- to feel like someone wants what you have to offer. And honestly- her stuff is pretty awesome ever before you learn that she has autism.
It might take her more time to make each item, but when I’ll show you what she makes- you won’t even mind the time- you’ll just think it’s gorgeous.
Ready to see?

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Rachel also makes beautiful hair clips, made to mimic your favorite Disney princesses- like Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen:

elsa and anna hair clips

If you want to stay in touch with Rachel and always see everything new that she makes, and also hear about sales and promotions- you could follow her on Instagram:

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I am literally speechless from you Rachel…
I hope you know that although we’ve never met-
I am so very proud of you!
And to the rest of you- if you see anything you like don’t be shy-
visit Rachel’s store and go for some fun online shopping!

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