This Bulgarian Jewelry Artist Makes Unbelievable Jewelry


There are 2 types of jewelry a woman can purchase… The mass-produced kind and the unique kind.
A lot of women shop for both. They tour the local “wallmart” or Ali Express for jewelry items made in China, knowing that women around them will also have them. However, they also get unique items, for days they want to feel extra special, or for their signature.

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I am more of the signature kind of girl, which is why I LOVE Etsy.
Etsy is a unique online market, dedicated for small family businesses, run by crafts men and women from all over the world. The reason why I love Etsy so much is that it allows you access to jewelry items and fashion accessories that you would normally have to travel for.
The most beautiful of them come from Eastern Europe, where craftsmen and women have developed amazing techniques of creating jewelry. Their handwork is amazing, and they often have a unique style that you won’t see in Western Europe of in The State.

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Amazing Handmade Necklaces From Bulgaria

Not many of you know, but my family is from Bulgaria.
Aroyo is a Bulgarian-Spanish name, and I have always been fascinated with Bulgarian fashion and traditions. However, I have never been to Bulgaria, so Etsy is one of my ways of exploring the land of my grandmother. On Etsy I found this unique jewelry artist from Bulgaria called Detelina Nankova.

Resin Wood Necklace, Sea Drop Pendant, Moss necklace, Statement Necklace, Lichen Necklace, Mermaid Jewelry, Mother gift, Wood and Resin

Detelina means Clover in Bulgarian, and this clover-leaf artist found her passion for jewelry making back in 2010. She opened her very first business then, and now has evolved to operating a jewelry brand with her husband. They have closed it before due to lack of time (you know how life can get..), but it was recently re-opened with only the most unique pieces in their collection.

Mismatched Earrings

One of my favorite fashion trends revolves around the symmetry issue. As most people love symmetry, I find that a slight symmetry “mistake” can create a beautiful image.
The mismatched Earrings trend was not so popular in the USA, but when I saw it in Detelina’s Etsy store, IsadorasDream, I fell in love!

Jewelry Items Inspired By The Ocean

Detelina’s constant inspiration comes from the black sea, as she and her husband live in Burgas, Bulgaria. That big blue is her constant view and inspiration for her items, and you can see how much that inspiration has led to beautiful items.

If you liked what you see – hurry up and get that from this lovely Bulgarian crafts-woman, as all of her items are OOAK 🙂

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