This Elementary School Teacher Is Making Stunning Polymer Clay Jewelry


Meet Naomi, a lovely woman from Brooklyn.
With 30 years of being an awesome elementary school teacher under her belt, Naomi has decided to dedicate a portion of her life to making beautiful jewelry… And she is not using gold, silver or precious stones… She is molding her pieces out of polymer clay, also known as- Fimo.

Original Polymer Clay-My Happy Earrings

Naomi has decided to open an Etsy store and try and sell the beautiful items that she makes, and I am thrilled! Her store is called ArtForMeByNaomi, and she is making One of a Kind jewelry pieces from Fimo- and shipping them worldwide…

I have discovered my own love for Fimo when i was about 8 years old, and the biggest reason why I loved Fimo was because of my arts teacher. She was so into art and exploring new colors and discovering what each kid likes that it just made me feel understood, which is important for a child.

I love Naomi’s Instagram!
It’s so real and genuine, and you could see a lot of items there that she made and customized for previous clients- like this Video of some beautiful Fimo jewelry items she made for a music teacher:

I can’t help but read the words that Naomi wrote about being a teacher and starting her journey to sell Fimo jewelry on Etsy, and not feel that in some ways, Naomi is just like the amazing arts teacher I had, and that her students must be so proud to call her their teacher.

Seeing all the kids around Naomi is a treat, and just watching her in her element, sharing this passion with the next generation is a privilege! I really do feel like Naomi’s store is so unique in the way that I can see any woman I know finding something she likes there.
With serious “grown-up” pieces, alongside romantic jewelry pieces, and even fun and light pieces- this store’s collection might still be small- but Naomi covered all bases with her Fimo creations!
Her Instagram account is awesome, and you are welcomed to also follow Naomi’s work on Facebook or Pinterest to always be notified of new items and sales!

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So take a few minutes and visit her store on Etsy,
see her full FIMO jewelry collection and simply enjoy exploring
this beautiful CLAY art!

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