This Etsy Store Is All About Your Big Day…


Meet Kimberly, the owner of DazzlingGRACE Etsy store- a store dedicated to wedding celebrations and big events in our lives!
Located in South Carolina, Kimberly ships her handmade wedding accessories accross the US.
You’ll be able to find the best and most crafty wedding card boxes, decorated for your big event, as well as gorgeous cake stands, and even unique items like a cupcake swing!!

In her Etsy store, Kimberly talks about what art means to her, and why this store has the perfect topic for her:

Wedding decor is a perfect fit for me since I love LOVE, and I heart ART! 🙂 I have been in love with Art & Design my entire life! I went to a Fine Arts middle and high school, and took up arts in college as well. I have always taken such joy in creating and decorating. Design is an immense part of my happiness and I can’t wait to share that with you!

Seeing this connection that Kimberly has with art and love is not a hard thing to notice- especially when you see how successful her store is… I guess love and art are contagious!

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See more amazing wedding must-have’s in Kimberly’s store!

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