This Etsy Store Will Turn Your Child Into A True Princess


If you have a big event coming up, like a wedding, you might want to check out Theprincessandthebou Etsy store. The store name stands for The Princess and the Boutique, and it’s a true small and luxurious boutique for girls dresses. In it you’ll be able to find amazing dresses to turn your little girl into a princess for one night. The store owner, Brandi Brumbalow, is sending her handmade princess dresses worldwide from Missouri, United States, and with a little under 9,000 sales since January of 2011, this is truly one of Etsy’s top sellers.


What I love most about this seller is the options! This boutique has over 170 items, but that doesn’t mean it has only 170 dresses for you to shop from as most dresses have endless possibilities, like this amazing princess dress that can come with over 20 different Tulle Colors:


You know that you’ve found a true Etsy seller that can deliver when the reviews hold real live pictures , from buyers who posted amazing pics of their little princesses on happy occasions… Pictures like these:

princess-dress-real-reviews-etsy little-princess-baby-dress princess-baby-wedding-dress

I don’t know what about you- but the last one really melted my heart… So- cheers to you Brandi- keep up the good work!

For more items from Brandi’s Etsy store click HERE!

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