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This month I am all about Mother’s Day and mother’s day gift ideas! There are so many different gift ideas you can discover for your mother on this special day, whether she is a fan of wacky custom bobbleheads or has a taste for jewelry there are so many diverse ideas you can find online to make Mother’s Day memorable.
I have talked about some antiques here for moms, and also about some amazing greeting cards… But the thing is- that in spite of the fact that we like to think of our moms as OUR MOMS, they are also women… while some would love getting one the best cordless vacuums but others may want something more and if there’s one thing I know a woman would always love- it’s something that she can wear and make her own statement- while adding to her look! Or- in less words- jewelry ! A friend of mine get her mom custom pearl jewelry for mother’s day, which was really cute! It was so thoughtful and you could tell a lot of consideration went into picking this gift, which is what inspired me when it came to this post.

I have searches Etsy for a reliable seller that sells personalized Mother’s Day gifts (and personalized jewelry in general), and I found- Silveristic!

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Silveristic is a great Etsy shop from Texas, specializing in (but not limited to) sterling silver jewelry!
You will be able to find so many great Mother’s Day gift ideas at Silveristic Etsy shop, with a lot of silver and custom offers waiting for you!

Amongst these custom offers you’ll find things like- a custom necklace to your mom with your handwriting, personalized name inside a heart necklaces, beautiful cross necklaces- and a lot more!

On top of these silvery delights, what I really loved seeing in this shop was the Birthstone collection. This store has the most unique collection of Birthstone family jewelry items– which are jewelry that you can purchase containing any Birthstone you want! You place all of the birthstones of your family member, or of the kids, and make the most unique and personalized gift for Mother’s Day 2018!

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If you don’t know your Birthstone, or the birthstone of one, or more, of your family members- use this chart to make sure you get the right order in:

January Birthstone: Garnet
February Birthstone: Amethyst
March Birthstone: Aquamarine
April Birthstone: Diamond
May Birthstone: Emerald
June Birthstone: Alexandrite
July Birthstone: Ruby
August Birthstone: Peridot
September Birthstone: Sapphire
October Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline
November Birthstone: Citrine
December Birthstone: Blue Topaz
(There’s a chart just like this on Silveristic’s page for these unique jewels!)

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