This Summer’s Trend… African Accessories & Look!


The African look is no longer the sole style of African women in Africa, but of African women worldwide, as well as us white chicks, that totally rock those African necklaces, shoes and accessories!

OFFER! 4 set African Handmade Tribal Jewelry Maasai Beaded Elegant Necklace

That full on African authentic look can only come from one place… From Etsy!
The online marketplace for handmade goods is the perfect place to find people from all over the world, who share the colors and styles of their cultures.
Such a shop is AfrocraftClassics, making beautiful African accessories in Nairobi, Kenya, and shipping them to stylish women and men worldwide!

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This unique shop brings you all the colors of Africa in items like : elegant statement necklaces, Maasai sandals, handmade jute bags, tribal beaded necklaces, African flip flops and more!

Here are my personal favourite items from AfrocraftClassics Etsy shop:

If you liked what you see here-
go ahead and visit AfrocraftClassics shop on Etsy!

African style is waiting just for you…

JAMBO KENYA, Jute and Decorative African Handmade, Beaded Vintage, Tote,Retro, Bag,basket

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