Traditional Old English Charms – Now on Etsy!


Some Etsy shops have a beautiful story behind them, some have a long standing tradition. But very few- have both!

Praba Pather was a jeweller’s apprentice in the 70’s, working in his family business and getting introduced to the art of making English charms for the very first time.
As the 50’s and 60’s were the first decades of the charm bracelets, people thought that this trend will pass… But it turns out- charm bracelets are stronger than ever and always in fashion!

Sterling Silver & Swarovski Tanzanite Crystal Wild Heart Charm For Bracelets

After making beautiful jewelry all his life, Praba and his wife were now close to retirement. In their Uk based studio he made the most amazing silver jewelry… But being so close to retiring- his heart goes back to it’s beginning, the old English charms!
Praba’s wife, Brenda, has decided it’s time to create their own little family venture and opened their Etsy shop- VintagedCharm!
Now, 330+ sales later and a 5 star rating- you can see that these two have found their calling!

Sterling Silver Ship's Wheel Compass Fob Charm For Bracelets

In their shop you’ll find so many different charms, in so many styles, colors and with different attributes. However, these are my personal favorites:

Visit VintagedCharm Etsy shop for more!

Sterling Silver Enamelled Four Leaf Clover Charm For Bracelets

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