Traveling the World, Collecting Gems. The Story of Nicole Burgess.


I think I probably said it a thousand times before- but I simply love finding unique Etsy shops with a beautiful story behind how their products were made.

After returning from her worldly travels, Nicole has brought home with her to Georgia- the unique semi precious stones she collected along the way.
As some stones have been known to have special healing powers and protection features- Nicole thought they’d make beautiful jewelry- so that you could carry that strength, love, protection and healing powers- with you wherever you go.

Comfort Mala Bracelet Navadvipa Mala Bracelet

Her healing crystals can be found on bracelets, necklaces and earrings- for men and for women- in her Etsy store 12 Gems.

Crystals have long since been used to enhance the chakras, activate the DNA and expand consciousness. The best way to harness the healing energy of the crystal is to place or wear it over the appropriate chakra or organ. Each crystal has been placed in their appropriate location for the best possible healing ability. When wearing a purified crystal you feel calm and peaceful as its vibration radiates into your being.

Wrapped in Love bracelet

Nicole explains in her store…
Making sure you understand how to use her jewelry in the most beneficial way.

The best thing about Nicole’s healing and empowering crystal jewelry items- is that you can wear them to any occasion- a fancy party or a simple friendly gathering… You never have to take them off!


If you know anything about holistic beading- than you know that the power of each jewelry piece comes from more than just it’s beads and crystals. In order to create a true healing and protection charm- you must meditate while making it, clean it from bad energy- and charge it with all the healing the air around us has to offer…
And when I saw that that’s what Nicole does with her gems… I knew that 12 Gems is the real deal- and her protection and healing crystals- are a lovely addition to our world!

You can find out more about Nicole and her jewelry creations in her official website, or read a bit about her life and healing methods- in her yogi blog! You could also join 3400+ of her followers on Instagram and see all of her new designs and potential sales- before anyone else!

Visit 12Gems Etsy shop to learn more!

Healing Tears Necklace

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